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Pre-Conference Workshop
Tuesday, December 3

Friend or Foe? The Microbiome’s Role in Metabolism of Existing Drugs for Neurological Disease

13:00 - 16:00

It is well known that the microbiome can influence the safety and efficacy of existing drugs for neurological disease through drug metabolism. However, we have not yet applied this knowledge fully to improve therapeutic outcomes for patients based on the impact of their microbiomes on treatment response or non-response. This workshop will give you the opportunity to understand:

• The currently existing evidence for microbiome metabolism of existing drugs - what are the implications from recent evidence published on microbiota metabolism of L-Dopa, its bioavailability and role in manifestation of clinical side effects?
• Could this knowledge be used in clinical trial design to stratify patients based on microbiota composition or subtype?
• How the microbiome could be harnessed for improved therapeutic outcomes for patients

Workshop Leader

Ali Keshavarzian

Workshop Leader

Ali Keshavarzian
Professor & Gastroenterologist
Rush University Medical Center