About Microbiome Movement - Gut-Brain Axis Summit

With an ageing population, the global public health burden of neurodegenerative disease is soaring. Meanwhile, lifestyle factors such as diet, stress and exercise are only a handful of contributing factors to neurodevelopmental, neurocognitive, neuropsychiatric and neuromuscular disorders with continued unmet needs. However, the microbiome gut-brain axis has revealed new insights into neurological disease development and is providing a plethora of previously untapped therapeutic targets.

As such, novel approaches that harness microbiome gut-brain science have emerged as a key to rethinking treatment and symptom management for neurological and mental health issues. Various neuroinflammatory, enteroendocrine, neurotransmitter and metabolite pathways are being investigated in relation to the gut microbiome and as a result, both nutritional and therapeutic options are being explored as potential solutions.

However, significant challenges remain in establishing the causality of microbiome gut-brain science, translating it into the human setting and designing clinical trials that take into account the multifactorial aetiology of neurological and mental health issues.


The Microbiome Movement – Gut-Brain Axis Summit is your opportunity to:

  • Discover pioneering preclinical data implicating metabolic, immune-mediated and enteroendocrine pathways in CNS disease development
  • Explore translational approaches that are moving microbiome gut-brain axis science from association to causation
  • Learn about critical considerations for microbiome clinical trials in the neurological and mental health setting to inform symptom and treatment management
  • Realize the potential of microbial profiles as a biomarker for patient stratification to maximize the efficacy of already existing drugs for neurological disease
  • Uncover the relatively untapped commercial opportunity held by nutritional and therapeutic products for neurological and mental health

There is no question that the early market activity in the microbiome gut-brain axis space is critical in shaping its success. Join us to discover the microbiome science contributing to neurological disease and develop the next generation of microbiome-targeted products for improved neurological and mental health outcomes. 

 Highlights From Our Microbiome Movement - Drug Development Meeting Europe 2019